:viticultural equipment


The innovative computer supported tractor control system takes the strain off the driver and means he can give his full concentration to the attached equipment.



Vine planting machine, Easy Plant

Soil Cultivation

Mid Row Care

Subsoiler, Hexagon, Cultivator, Teractiv, SB Equipment Carrier, Rotary Harrow,Planting Machine

Foliage treatment

Leaf removal

Removes leaves near the grapes by suction
 and cutting.

Under Vine Care

Under Vine Care

Sprayer, Radius, Radius X, Rotary Brush, Serrated disk plough.

Spraying systems

Under vine and sheilded spray systems including
 fan assist sprayers.


Vineyard trimming systems.

Hi performance vineyard trimmers, single row or dual L shape or over row.

Pre Pruning Systems

Fast and inovative pruning systems for a
 variety of canopies.

Eco Roll

The innovative Roller Mulcher system that requires low H.P.