Clemens Viticulture - Leaf Removal - Leaf Remover Roller Type



Clemens Offers the Best climate in the grape zone 

Defoliation with the EL30/EL50

Defoliation and flower clusters blown freely in one operation. 

Clemens has constructed a defoliation leaf remover, not only with care and respect for the removal of leaves, but also cleans within the flower clusters by blowing clean air from an optional second fan. This reduces fungus not only in the grape zone in general but also in the grapes themselves

The result: healthier grapes, better wine


Thanks to a parallelogram hinge the Leaf remover glides gently along the grape zone. 

The vine leaves - large or small, whether dry or wet are removed by suction fan pulling them  between a rubber roller and a hole and removed from the vine. 

The removed leaves are then thown forward and away from both the vine and tractor to ensure there is no stopping to remove debris from tractor hood. 

When used during post flowering, an optional fan blows the flower clusters clean, small flower caps are removed. Fungi and bacteria find a fertile ground no more.

Key benefits 

Mounts to the same mast system as Clemens Trimmers.

Adaptors to other Mast system can be available.

Less pressure due to fungi - blown clean out flower clusters. 

Defoliation of the fruit zone without violating grapes. 

Versatile - from post flowering until just before the grape harvest. 

Easy mounting - at mid Tractor, front mounted or rear three point lifting frame, to vineyard tractors or crawler.

Large range of models: single, double, on-line solution. 

Individually to suit your needs and your tractor customizable.

Two size fan and apeture units available.


Technical data:

EL30 EL50


Hydraulic Flow 
30 kg 
20 / l min 
72 dB
50 kg 
20 / l min 
72 dB